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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Patrick's Visit and Tomato Abundance

Altogether, we have over 40 tomato plant for 5 people. So we have excessive harvest right now. I can't even keep up with it. In this series of pics you can see the variety of tomatoes we have. We have all kinds of heirloom varieties including green zebra, yellow bannana, german yellow stripe, brandywines, yellow currant, black from tulula, caspian pink, white, etc... and I also grow a bunch of Sauce type tomatoes like Roma. These types seem to be more susceptible to disease.

Our comrade Patrick visited recently. He spent most of his visit working in the garden. He helped clear all the old spring crops and put in a lot of fall starts and seeds. We dropped in a bunch of broccoli plants from the community garden association and we also put in lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes, beans, and turnips. He also helped with the final carrot harvest. Here is some pics of Patrick with Ellen or I next to our dryed corn stalks.

Ryan has been helping with canning. He makes a mean marinara sauce all from garden produce and then we drop the cans in the water bath.

Patrick with some of the carrots havest. We filled up 6 of these bags and it was difficult to find room in the fridge for them all. I think in total we got over 30 lbs of carrots from the garden.

Patrick and I amongst our new broccoli starts. I got a few different varities. To my right is the okra plants. They are getting out of control. I need to be harvesting them all the time.

Okra flower.


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wow... impressive. how do you do everything you do?


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