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Sunday, July 23, 2006

July pics

More Pics for July. The garden is going strong. I am starting to get ready for the fall planting. We had a strech of super hot weather, but it has cooled off again and the plants are thriving. I am thinking about doing a crop by crop listing of improtant info like planting dates, harvest dates, bug or diseaes problems and solutions, perfered soil conditions, etc... I can't decide if that is just the sort of knowledge you need to build in your head or if writing it out would be helpful. Anyways, here are some more garden pics.

View through the tomato tunnel. Tomato harvest started about 2 weeks ago and was pretty thin the first week. We have started to can some sauces.

View from my neighbors step. You can't make out much detail, b/c the tomato patch and the peppers have got huge and kinda obscure the rest of the garden.

These are the "black eyed peas" and the "black crowders" crawling up the south side of the house.

Some of the tomato bounty. I grew about 40 plant and probably about 20 different varieties. We have white (light yellow), green stripe, purple rose, old german yellow and pinks, bannana, yellow cherry, red cherry, roma, and many more...

Some of the black eyed peas after shelling. Ryan says he will make a minestrone soup.

A few bell peppers. I have left some out there to turn yellow, but they taste great green too.

A close up of my favorites. The green zebra tomato might be my all time favorite. Although the orange bannana tomato is in the competition.

Eggplant of different varieties. The green ones are called "Laotion Green Stripe" and they are great in a curry.

More eggplant... we made a big eggplant parm with these

We have way too much red cabbage. It looks really good in the garden though. Ellen calls them the dinosour plant, b/c they don't feel like they belong in this age. I need to find some more cabbage recipes.

Tomatoes that will ripen on the vine.

The herb garden with some squash plants growing out of it.

Hot hungarian wax peppers. Once again, I grew far too many hot peppers.

Me buried in the corn field. The corn is making me proud. Now corn stem borers, no earworms, not problems with animals. And the corn tastes like candy.

One of our many snakes that patrol the garden. They are a good garden friend. They can't bite me I don't think.

Showing off the snake to John and Hiya. They are visiting from San Fran.

Tossing corn to our dinner guests. It is most sweet for the first hour after you pick it off the stalk.

A veiw from the tomato tunnel into the cabbage and brocolli

Old German yellow stripe. They get huge and they are very very tasty.

A lot of these pics are our friend Amy's. That is her foot.

Ellen and Elena showing off the tomatillos

Elena with the chard up front.

Ellen underneath the sunflowers

Hiya in the tomato tunnel

John playing "boll weevil" and "marxist cowboy".


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