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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew:
This pic below shows the leaves of the sugar snap peas infected with the powdery mildew. The infection seems to start in the KC area in early to mid may and is covering most of the crop by later may. The infection reduces the yeild, but the plants are kinda slowing down anyways b/c the weather is getting too hot.
Plant extremely early - mid feburary or late feburary - as soon as ground can be worked. The seedlings can easily make it through snow and freezing temperatures. The earlier you plant the more time the plant will be yeilding before the powdery mildew hits as the weather gets warmer.
Also, I have recently heard that there are several resistant vareities available. Many of them are shelling varieties, but there is a sugar snap hybrid variety that has good resistance. I am going to try to grow a resistant vareity for the fall crop.
Organic Control:
The most successful method of control I have discovered yet is baking soda. It is best to apply at the first sign of damage by mixing 2-4 tsp of baking soda in 1 liter H2O with 1 tsp of insecticidal soap (helps to spread the baking soda evenly over the leaves of the peas)


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