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Friday, May 26, 2006

More Garden Pics: End of May 2006

South side of the house with some blacked-eyed-pea plant just starting off. I built this a little web of sapplings to climb on

The onion bulbs are starting to expand as the weather turns warmer

My brother Seaton and his fiance Janet

Beets are almost ready

Just put the sweet potatoes plants in last weekend.

Better Sweat Pea harvest this year. I fertilized with the juice that comes out of the worm bin.

Early summer sqaush. This variety seems to have good resistance to the squash bug, the cucumber beetle, and the squash vine bore. No signs of serious damage yet.

Corn is just coming up. I need to thin it out.

Chives going to seed

Elephant garlic plant.

Romaine Red type lettuce. Not bitter yet even though we are getting a lot of hot weather.

Tomatillo flower. The plant have flea beetle damage. I am using organic soap bug deterent and garlic, and killing the bugs I find on the plant each morning. They are really destroying the eggplant right now.

Good cauliflower heads. I am going to try some purple varieties next year.

Might be the MVP of the spring crop. "Premium Crop" broccolli is putting up awesome main heads. I am freezing a lot of it for later eating.

One of the bigger main heads. After the main head is picked, this variety will produce side shoots.

Kale is still going good. I am going to try a mix or varieties next year. I want to try the dino lactiferous type and a red type.

Squash plants looking strong. Minimal bug damage

Turnips are great roasted. The crops is ready to eat.

Fava bean pods maturing on thier sturdy vine.

More strawberries on the vine.


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