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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lots more June Garden Pics

Actually only half of the garlic has been brought in so far. The best performer this year looks like it will be the Inchelium Red. It is a softneck. I am letting it all cure in the kitchen now. Harvest date for the Inchelium Red was June 16th. I waited till it was basically all the way dry.

Showing off the harvest

This shows the fava beans hanging in the background.

You can see that I harvested the middle two rows. I still have not taken out the outside rows. I will likely do that this weekend (july 1st)

I planted a hot weather "Contender" string bean in the garlic patch. It pays to do an early variety b/c you can fill the patch up with beans after you pull the garlic. AND the beans help improve the soil!

Some beets. I pickled all these

The fava beans drying outside. I started drying these around 1st or 2nd week in june. I put soybeans in the same spot once I took them out.

Here are the dried shelled fava beans.

Lavender bundles from the herb garden. Great in tea and i am going to try and make a lavender gellato

Our yukon gold potato harvest

I filled up a shelf in the root cellar downstairs. We should have potatoes for the next 5 or 6 months.

Some of the garlic being cured (basically a real slow drying)

Green beans, Zuchunni and summer squash. I am very proud of the zucchuni, considering how much trouble I have had growing them in the past.

The hot weather "black eyed" peas.

The first peppers of the year.

Some of the butternut squash plant growing out of the plum tomato patch

Some of the developing tomatoes. The plants look incredibly healthy.

Edemanu soybeans. It is almost time to harvest them.

New hot weather bean seedlings. This is soybeans and lima.

Spagetti squash ripening on the vine.

The sweet potatoes with some new straw mulch to keep the moisture on.

The red chard in desperate need of harvesting.

Some yellow chard. Much milder flavor

I made this into cabbage rolls. Ryan made a good honey mustard sauce for them, so I think I might do this again.

The basil plants are really healthy. I already made a patch of pesto out of this.

"Knee high by 4th of July"?? HAH! It is late june and many of the plant are past my waist. My neighbor's soil is good stuff. I can't wait for our first bite of sweet corn.

Some of the corn has already put up tassles

Sunflowers are now 10 feet high. They are starting to bloom.

String beans on the vine

Got to go eat garden soup.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger bethdegs said...

your blog is almost as impressive as the garden itself...amazing.
i thought i should let you know we had a little kansas city connection here in boston for the 4th of july...abby holland, rachel and bobbi! and we sat at my computer and geeked out over your unbelieveable gardening skills.


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