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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer harvest pics

This is the last couple days worth of tomato and pepper harvest. It piles up quick. We have had one serious canning party and I expect we will have to have another one soon. I think the next time we can will will make sauce.

Shucking sweet corn on the stoop. I am really pleaseed with the quality of the corn. No earworms and I have not had any animal problems.

John helping shuck corn. John and Hiya are leaving tommorrow. They found a Kansas Museum of Agriculture and Agriculture Hall of Fame that I did not know exsisted. I am really excited to go.

The sweet corn. You can just eat it raw and it is like candy.

The Dutch Crookneck squash. Same type of orange flesh as butternut but it has this long, somtimes curved neck.

We have a lot of butternut and spaggetti squash to last us into the winter

The "Black Crowder" bean. I let them dry on the vine and we have beans for the winter.

These are red and green "asparagus yard long beans". They are not as good raw as a bush snap bean, but they are productive and they do well in the hot weather. Great in stir fry.


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